Corona Tools on the Raggett Industries website can only be purchased by customers based in New Zealand.

Raggett Industries Ltd have chosen the Corona products as they provide customers a similar warranty to that of the Fieldcraft product range with this Raggett Industries Ltd are confident that the Corona tools will establish themselves as an extremely reliable brand that customers can rely upon.

Corona offers a comprehensive range of products at an affordable price range and has products designed for the general consumer to the top professionals and with this introduces new technology, which sets benchmarks for durability and ease of use.

Tools that last a lifetime!
When it comes to the Corona warranty, customers benefit from another Corona cutting edge tradition the Lifetime Warranty. First introduced to the industry in the early 1940's, the Corona Lifetime Warranty underscores our commitment to maintaining rigorous standards and continuously fulfilling our ultimate goal - satisfying our customers needs.

The CORONA LIFETIME WARRANTY (on select Corona tools) guarantees against defective workmanship or material for the lifetime of the tool. If found defective, the product will be repaired or replaced at no expense to the owner.

The CORONA TEST DRIVE guarantee (on select Corona tools) first released with the AL6000 series loppers, the idea is to mitigate any concerns an end user might have with the new technology and features we incorporate into new products. Any end user who is not satisfied with one of the covered products can return it for a refund.

The bottom line has always been if the end user is not happy, Corona stands behind the product.

Additional Support
Corona offers excellent support to customers and with the comprehensive web site further information concerning the tools, their principals of use and warranty may be sourced directly from the Corona Web Site by clicking on the Corona logo at the top of this page.

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