Grafting Tools

Presently there are three Fieldcraft tools available each has received a great deal of testing and development since their initial development. They are the "Graftech Topgrafter" a specialised bench mounted grafting tool the "Topgrafter" and all-purpose tool designed to field graft and bench graft and the "Chipbudder" predominately used as a repair tool but is also an effective tool to sidegraft larger stock.

The Graftech
The Graftech has been designed to be solely bench mounted and specifically aimed at grafting operations performing large amounts of grafts yearly. Especially aimed at the commercial sector i.e. nurseries. The baseplate of the Graftech has been ergonomically designed so users of the tools are comfortable using the tool for long hours required when grafting in a nursery situation.

The Graftech is faster and designed for larger number of grafts performed in nursery situations and if you should be looking to increase throughput and reduce staff costs this may be the preferred tool.

The principal difference between the Graftech Topgrafter and the Topgrafter tools is the "Baseplate". Both use exactly the same system, which performs the cutting action (executing 'V' cleft cuts).

The Topgrafter
Weighing 1.2kgs The Topgrafter is a universal tool, which can be used by hand in the field or bench mounted in a nursery situation. For the Topgrafter to be bench mounted purchase of a bench mount attachment is further required. However the Topgrafter was not initially designed for bench mounting and while just as efficient in graft take results it is not as "user friendly" as the Graftech thus affecting the number of cuts completed by operators. The Topgrafter cannot be air assisted in the operation where as the Graftech is universal.

The complete range of Fieldcraft tools are fast and uncomplicated to use. Depending on the type of tool purchased users could easily complete in excess of 2000 completed grafts in 8 hours. This is with one of the men grafting and the other taping and waxing the unification between the rootstock and scion.


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