Graftech Topgrafter

The latest addition to our range of Fieldcraft™ range of products is the ‘Graftech’ Topgrafter, which has been developed specifically for use in grafting’s commercial sector. This tool is solely bench mounted and foot operated.
Basically, this tool is a progression of the Topgrafter with the principal difference between the Graftech Topgrafter and the Topgrafter tools being the “Baseplate”. Both tools use the exact system, which performs the cutting action (executing ‘V’ cleft cuts) and continues to demonstrate high percentage of successful grafts from grapes, kiwifruit, avocados, persimmons, nuts, ornamentals, stone and pip fruit trees.

Graftech system
Operation using the Graftech is notably faster then using the Topgrafter and benchmount attachment. Design and manufacture of the Graftech has been directed towards operators performing numerous grafts per season. Using the Graftech Topgrafter you can increase throughput and reduce staff costs. Control system of the Graftech Topgrafter can be powered and
operated by a compressed air “accelerator” or by manual foot lever. Control procedure may be easily changed by purchasing the variance not initially purchased i.e. manual - air or vice versa. Whilst the Graftech Topgrafter is aimed at the commercial sector this tool is simple to use and has been used by novices to great effect. All the operator requires is a basic understanding of the “V” cleft grafting process enabling operators to complete procedures effectively.

Graftech design
The Graftech has been designed to be solely bench mounted and specifically aimed at grafting operations performing larger amount of grafts yearly. The Graftech is especially intended for use in the commercial sector i.e. nurseries. The special aspect of the Graftech is the baseplate, which has been ergonomically designed so operators of the tools are comfortable using the tool for long hours required when grafting in a nursery situation. The ergonomic shape also allows operators to sight the grafting stock prior to the cut thus improving operators centring of grafts

Graftech trials
Initial trial installations of this new tool was to Riversun Nursery (Gisborne, New Zealand) who grafting grapevines began with an initial installation of 12 air operated Fieldcraft™ Graftech Topgrafters for the 2000 season.
These new machines produced in excess of 2,000,000 grafts in their first season of trials. Impressed with the efficiency and high success rate achieved with the initial trial year Riversun Nursery purchased a further 14 machines for the 2001 grafting season and produced in excess of 2,750,000 grafts. To date Riversun Nursery have purchased a total of 36 Graftech tools, which they have used to complete 3,500,000 grafts in an
eleven week period. It is not unusual for operators to complete over 3000 grafts per day. One operator has even completed a total in excess of 5400 grafts in a 9 hour day!


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