Graftech Operation

  1. Place rootstock up under skirt of blades with the rootstock positioned to the right hand side of Graftech Topgrafter to ensure the female V is in the rootstock.
  2. Holding rootstock in both hands depress the pedal down and bringing blades and wood down onto centre anvils. Ensure the rootstock is brought down into the grooved area of the anvils.
  3. As the blades slice through the wood gently, pull either side of the rootstock outwards away from the blades ensuring a clean cut.
  4. Once this initial cut to the rootstock is completed choose a your scion wood which fits the diameter of the rootstock.
  5. Repeat cut ensuring that this cut is reversed with bud of Scion wood positioned to the left hand side of Graftech Topgrafter.
  6. Once both cuts are completed, place the scion wood inside the V of the rootstock and tape all areas of the graft to protect cut and reduce air. This will ensure maximum cambium contact giving strong, tidy grafts.
  7. Re-sharpening and polishing of the blades regularly will preserve blade condition (see back page for sharpening instructions).

Holding the Grafting Stock
It is recommended that when grafting the rootstock this should be held in two hands. The rootstock should be held on the side of the stock firmly between thumb and forefingers of each hand. Ensure fingers are a safe distance from the blades as the cut is completed. As the cuts is made the operator should pull hands outwards helping the graft to separate.
As the cut is completed, the operator should help the cut separate. The operator fingers should never touch the anvils or blades while cutting action is performed.
Bud cutting/scion should be performed with fingers either side of the bus ensuring again that the fingers do not touch the anvils or blades as the cut is completed.

Air Control

When using the Graftech Topgrafter with the pneumatic ram the cutting action may be controlled to suit the operators. This can be instantly adjusted on the foot pedal’s (accelerator) air release.

By this adjustment, the Graftech Topgrafter can perform either an instantaneous cut or a gradual cut dependant on operator’s selection. In addition, by slightly depressing the foot pedal (accelerator) the blades will move at a slower rate this will come as the operator comes to grip with using the tool. It can be likened to using the accelerator whilst driving a car.

For best cuts, it is recommended that the speed be at maximum to make the cuts as clean as possible and reduce dragging of “cut tissue” in softer stock.

Manual Control

The Graftech manual tool was initially designed to replace the need for purchase of 2 tools (the Topgrafter and the Benchmount attachment). The foot pedal has been created to withstand years of heavy industrial use. The manual tool is very fast to set up and easy to use. A number of smaller nurseries, vineyards and orchards are using this tool due to the low cost and ease of use. Nurseries performing cuts on heavier stock such as nut have adopted the Graftech manual.


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