Foot Operated Mount

Consists of a 4 3/4” x 10 1/2” aluminum plate with a vertical locating post and holding clamp for mounting either grafting machine. Comes with foot pedal lever with linkage to connect to the grafting machine. Requires a slot to be cut in the bench for operation, designed for a more permanent
Operates with standard Fieldcraft Grafter and Budder
Increases speed of operation by 80%
Very competitively priced
Virtually maintenance free
Enables the tools to be converted quickly and simply to bench grafting or field grafting.

Assembly instructions

  1. Cut a slot of 8” x 1 1/2 “ (200x40mm), in the bench to allow for pedal movement of foot lever.
  2. Secure the cradle plate firmly to the bench over the slot.
  3. Remove the holding clamp.
  4. Disconnect the handle of the grafting tool from the bottom linkage.
  5. Settle the grafting tool in the cradle plate.
    The hollow guide post of the grafter will fir firmly over the upright locating post of the cradle plate.
  6. Replace the holding clamp.
  7. Connect the operating linkage of the cradle plate to the bottom linkage of the grafter.
  8. The grafting tool can now be operated by pressing the foot pedal. Field tests indicate an increase in speed over hand held operation of 80% will be achieved
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