To operate the Topgrafter

  1. First place the stock up under skirt of blades.
  2. Bring blades and wood down gently onto centre anvils making sure wood is centred on anvils.
  3. With a sharp action close handles and a "v" groove is neatly sliced out.
  4. The scion wood selected is next positioned from the other side of the grafter, and sliced. The resultant cut matches perfectly with the rootstock. Ensure the female V, is in the rootstock (not V).
  5. It's important the selected scion wood is of similar size as the stock to be grafted. This ensures the cambium layers fit neatly together.
  6. This graft is then taped as normal, and the operation completed.

The Topgrafter is suitable for grafts from three millimetres to thirty millimetres.

For field grafting the same procedure is followed with Topgrafter turned on its side and with the other hand steadying the wood. Hook the blades over the wood then bring the anvils to meet the wood. Check to ensure all are centred on the anvils, then close handles sharply to make the cut. Again ensure the female V, is in the rootstock (not V).

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